Streamline Prior Authorizations

Our Benefits Investigation service can determine expected prescription drug coverage or help solve problems with the patient’s health insurance plan

Our patient advocates have years of experience working directly with pharmacy help desks to get these answers you need.

When a patient medication is rejected, we can get the answers you need for successful adjudication

Prior authorizations are apart of nearly every prescription drug benefit. Our team of well trained professionals will help expedite the approval process to drive revenue.

We can design a program to fit your company's needs

Our team is available and ready to support your workload while working to meet your goals.

Eliminate Denials, Reduce Costs, and Increase Revenue

We Can Help Get Prior Authorizations Approved

We understand the health insurance benefit structure inside and out. We’ll work with you to create fully customized solution that meets the needs of you and your patients. 

Let CaryRx Be Your Turn Key Benefits Investigation Solution


✓ Pharmacy Claim Reviews


✓ Insurance Eligibility Verification


✓ Benefit Exploration


✓ Coverage Alerts


✓ Patient Assistance Program Eligibility 


✓ And much more

Our pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states.

Let’s improve access for your patients, together.

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